Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am a Java Mobile Edition developer ever since MIDP 1.0, I've already experienced and done the workarounds of almost all of the limitation of the MIDP platform. The worst ever is not being able to get the Mobile Number of the Phones (This is for most Phones, some implementations offer a native utility for retrieving IMEI, Numbers, Contacts but not the standard MIDP API).

When I first reviewed Google Android, I got excited with the fact that everything in the phones is programmable and is not limited to a J2ME like tiny little sandbox. I worry about the Device's security though.

I'll be starting a Journal of how to program Android from a J2ME Developer's Perspective. I am planning to use my knowledge in MIDP, and try to figure out how to port it in android. In the future, I may start on some advanced Android apps and see what the android can really do.

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